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Preliminary defense of diploma works at the department «Methods of teaching mathematics, physics and informatics»

On May 25-26, 2020, with the help of the Meet platform, preliminary defense of the thesis of 4th year students of the specialty «5B010900 - Mathematics» of the Department of «Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Physics and informatics» of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science was held.

The event was attended by the supervisors of diploma works - associate professors E.A. Tuyakov and S.E. Eraliev, acting associate professors L.U. Zhadraev, M.T. Iskakova and B.M. Kosanov, senior lecturers Zh.M. Nurmukhamedova and D.M. Nurbayev.

Students presented their presentations and talked about achievements and problems, shared their impressions of the work done, and also asked questions of interest to them regarding the upcoming defense of diploma works.

Professors and teachers appreciated the students` speeches, there were a number of interesting questions, and recommendations were made of a recommendatory nature.

It was noted that the graduates were well prepared. According to students, in the process of writing diploma works, support from the supervisors was extremely important.








Chair of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methods


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