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According to the order of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan №. 375 dated July 24, 2017 on the approval of the «Rules of military training under the program of reserve officers»


To participate in the competition are allowed students enrolled only in full-time education - citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the age not older than 25 years for the year of the competition, who have no criminal record.
The competition for the selection of students is carried out in three stages:
1) the first stage - passing a medical examination in accordance with the Rules for conducting a military-medical examination;
2) the second stage - conducting professional and psychological testing;
3) the third stage - verification of physical fitness;

The organization of the reception of documents and the passage of the first stage of the competition rests with the military department.
The second and third stages are conducted by the selection committee.
Each stage of the competition is allowed only once. An incoming, not past the previous stage, to the next stage is not allowed.
A student who has expressed a desire to participate in a competition for training in a military department shall submit an application in accordance with the form in accordance with Appendix 2 to this Rules and documents in accordance with the list of documents for participation in the competitive selection in accordance with Appendix 3 to these Rules.
For training under the Program for the training of reserve officers on a non-reimbursable and fee-based basis, documents are accepted from first and second year students (in medical universities from the second and third years).
Students` statements on the form in accordance with Appendix 2 to these Rules are recorded in the records of the military department.
Reception of documents is carried out by the military department in the year of the competition from February 1 and ends on May 20, and the results of the medical examination on May 31 are the year of reception. After receiving the package of documents, the military department gives the student a receipt for the receipt of documents in the form, according to Appendix 4 to these Rules.
Orphans and children left without parental care additionally submit the original and a copy of one of the documents confirming the absence of custody of the child to the sole or both parents in accordance with Appendix 5 to these Rules, or documents confirming the establishment of guardianship (guardianship).
If available, additional documents are submitted confirming the sports category, a prize in the republican or international competition of performers, in the international Olympiad in general education subjects, as well as in the Presidential or Republican Olympiad in general education subjects over the past three years.
Lists of students enrolled at the faculty (at the institute) in the form, according to Appendix 1 to these Rules, are compiled in the dean`s offices of higher educational institutions and transferred to the military department before the receipt of documents.
To undergo a medical examination, on the basis of the accepted documents, military departments issue students with medical examination cards issued by a citizen who enters a military educational institution in accordance with the Rules for conducting a military-medical examination.
In accordance with the Rules for conducting a military medical examination, students, prior to commencement of a medical examination, submit medical documents to the medical commission according to the list of medical documents and medical research results submitted to the medical commission.
The organized medical examination by students of the schedule is carried out in the year of the competition
from February 1 to March 31 inclusive.
The schedule for passing a medical examination during this period is pre-agreed by the military department with local military authorities. Students who have not arrived for a medical examination within the specified schedule, pass it on their own.
Students recognized as "unfit" for health reasons
or who have not submitted a medical examination card to the military department, are considered not to have passed the first stage of the competition.
Professional and psychological testing of students is carried out by a selection committee in the computer classes of the university and includes checking the level of motivation, stress resistance, critical and logical thinking.

Students who are not recommended by the results of professional psychological testing are considered not to have passed the second stage of the competition.
Verification of students` physical fitness includes the acceptance of standards for physical education for young students, according to Appendix 6 to these Rules.
Students who do not score 8 points on the amount of passing three standards (unsatisfactory score is counted as zero points) are considered not to have passed the third stage of the competition.
The data of the results of the passage of professional-psychological selection and verification of physical fitness are recorded in the statements, which are signed by members of the commission.
The office of the university registrar provides the selection committee with a GPA of the last training period no later than three days before the end of the work of the selection committee.
The competitive selection is carried out according to the rating point, calculated according to the table of calculation of the rating point, where DK and VO MO RK sends prior to the start of the selection committee.
Students who are in the ranking from the first number to the number corresponding to the number of allocated places on the set plan are attracted to the military department for training on a free basis.
According to them, the selection committee makes a decision to "involve in military training.
The student, who does not agree with the results of the professional-psychological selection or physical fitness test, addresses on the same day a written statement in an arbitrary form to the chairman of the selection committee.
The decision of the selection committee on the merits of the application, drawn up by the protocol, is made within 1 calendar day from the date of receipt of the application.
The results of the competition are posted until 5 pm on the next day after the end of the work of the selection committee at the information stand of the military department.